It is with great honor that I have taken on the position of President of Ontario Ground Water Association this spring. I greatly value the importance of this association the groundwater industry as a whole. I often think to myself “Where would our industry be without the OGWA?” I think our regulations, competition, new technology and information distribution would be completely dysfunctional. There was a need for this association some 65 years ago when it was formed and as the industry has evolved over the years with several versions of regulations, drilling techniques and product development the OGWA was there to contribute, inform and educate our members, government agencies and public. There is so much more that the OGWA staff and board address on a regular basis that is not necessarily noticed by the bulk of the membership. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the previous OGWA Presidents and Board members for all of their contributions to the groundwater industry. Most recently I would like to thank Darren Juneau for his last three years as President and wish him luck in the future. I believe we currently have an excellent group for the OGWA Board of Directors. We have an nice mix of veteran directors, 2nd/3rd generation directors and new faces as well as our excellent staff. This mix will help us look at situations with several different views and result with actions that will benefit the majority our members. I would like to urge all of our current members to become more involved in the OGWA, even if it is simply attending hosted events such as the regional meetings and convention/AGM. Just the simple act of attending events can keep you up to date on information and industry changes. Even sharing the odd story with your peers might inadvertently turn into a learning experience that could benefit you in a future situation. These events are an excellent venue for our Science & Engineering and Government members to meet well contractors face to face and vice versa. We are always looking for members to step forward as future Directors, but even getting involved with a committee or event would also be greatly appreciated. For those of you that receive this publication and are not member, I encourage you to join. So often I hear excuses such as the cost or the question of ‘what’s in it for me?’ I would prefer to think that if you have chosen a profession in the groundwater industry (contractor, consultant, supplier, etc.), would you not want to do everything you could to keep up to date on industry news and changes that may affect your business? Being a member in an industry association is one simple thing to assist in your business or career evolution. There is of course a list of membership benefits, some of which have potential cost savings, and who doesn’t like saving money? For me, membership to the OGWA is just part of being a well technician and/or contractor, which leads me to the question “How can you NOT be a member of your industry’s association?” My exposure to the OGWA began when my father joined the Board of Directors thirty some years ago and served a term President. I was but a teenager back then and didn’t really know what career path I would take, but now I am proud to carry on my family business’s involvement in the OGWA. I am looking forward to my term as President. Bryan Watson, President ASSOCIATION 2017-18 OFFICERS, DIRECTORS AND STAFF OFFICERS Bryan Watson, President Matt Wilson, 1st Vice-President Dwayne Graff, 2nd Vice-President Stephen Bleizeffer, Treasurer/Secretary DIRECTORS Bill Beaton Lotowater Technical Services Inc. 519-442-2086 fax: 519-442-7242 Stephen Bleizeffer Lackner McLennan Insurance Ltd. 519-579-3330 fax: 519-579-1151 Justin Clarke Maxim Environmental & Safety Inc 905-507-8412 Paul Conrad Conrad Well Drilling Ltd. 705-378-9578 Dwayne Graff Well Initiatives Ltd. 519-846-8289 fax: 519-846-8281 Michael Hare Heron Instruments Inc. 905-628-4999 fax: 905-628-6869 Bruce Hietkamp GeoKamp Limited 905-825-8007 fax: 905-825-9006 Sean Holmes Holmes Hydrofracturing 613-539-2991 Robert Martini Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply Ltd. 416-244-6476 fax: 416- 241-2022 David Nahrgang Groundwater Science Corp. 519-746-6916 fax: 519-884-5996 Kyle Smith Aardvark Drilling Inc. 519-826-9340 fax: 519-826-9108 Bryan Watson G. Hart & Sons Well Drilling Ltd. 705-887-3331 fax: 705-887-4788 Matthew D. Wilson J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling Ltd. 519-639-9988 fax: 519-269-3552 OGWA STAFF K.C. Craig Stainton, Executive Director 519-245-7194 Ext.103 I 519-282-0063    fax: 519-245-7196 OGWA Staff (continued) Anne Gammage, Office Manager 519-245-7194 Ext.101 fax: 519-245-7196 I Debbie Stojkovic, Accounts 519-245-7194 Ext.102 I fax: 519-245-7196 PRESIDENT’S SUMMER REPORT 20 17