I trust you are all having a busy summer season, those members whom I have spoken with certainly are. Drilling is very like farming in that one must make hay while the sun shines and you never really know at the beginning of a job exactly how long it will take. For the most part wells are created not installed and although you learn your area and what to expect, the proof is in the “putting” isn’t it. You can drill but is there water? I was speaking to one of our members the other day that had come up with a dry hole and his client instigated him moving a short distance away and the second well was not dry as a matter of fact it tested at 50 gallons per minute. Ralph Snider was the President of the Ontario Ground Water Association in 1971 and 1972. When Ralph passed his family set up a bursary/scholarship at Fleming College that would present cash from an interest bearing account and a plaque to the most improved Resources Drilling & Blasting student in the second semester, who has demonstrated general all-round proficiency and enthusiasm. Our Paul Conrad was the recipient of this award while at Fleming. All these 36 years later the capital and the interest it makes has dwindled and the last two years Paul has personally topped up the award. On investigation we are unable to locate any of the Snider family and Fleming College has indicated with that in mind that the OGWA is welcome to take ownership so to speak of the award. The Board of Directors has discussed this on and off over the last two years. At the June 15th meeting at Heron Instruments it was decided that as we are constantly stretching for money a resolution was necessary. (Excerpted from the Draft minutes): Fundraising Special Projects: We are looking for projects that will help raise funds specifically for all the awards. We need to generate $500 for Archie Watt Student EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE 20 17 Bursary and $500 for the OGWA Past Presidents Award (Ralph Snider). It was calculated that $40,000 would be needed to put in place to receive $1,000 / year on an example of 2% interest annually. Golf tournaments have always made money for us. A tournament could have part of the fees designated toward this fund or some proceeds from a Silent Auction. Donations from members could be a consideration. Before Dec 1st for the membership drive, this will need to be decided. Discussion ensued about holding a golf tournament for funds to benefit an OGWA Past Presidents Award, annually offered to the most improved student as per the description currently in the award information. The Donation section on the Membership Form would also be revised to show a target for this award donation as a “directed” donation plus retain the general donation category already on the form. Paul will continue with supporting the Ralph Snider Award until the fundraising can be put in place. MOTION # 4: That we put a line item on the new membership application for donations to a scholarship fund and use any donations and golf tournament profits to fund such scholarship awards. The OGWA Board of Directors struck an Events Committee and they have since been hard at work. You will find inside this edition and on the website a promotional and registration page for our 1st Annual OGWA Golf Tournament in support of scholarships and the next generation in our industry. If you don’t golf, do not despair, you are welcome to send your donation into the office earmarked “scholarship fund” and it will be added to the same account as the golf proceeds. Lastly, there is further good news; I have just been notified of the date for the beginning of the next round of discussion as promised by the MOECC on the BMP’s and Ont. Reg. 903. Progress is at hand ladies and gentlemen, I will have news as soon as I am able! Craig Stainton Page 6 [ SUMMER 2017 ] The Source