Dedicated to protecting and promoting Ontario's most precious resource ground water. The OGWA was established in 1952.

Approximately 3 million people in Ontario rely on ground water as their primary source of potable water.

Ground water is often the only source of clean water for drinking, farming, and manufacturing. A number of municipalities use ground water as the major source of their citizens water supply. The Ontario Ground Water Association was created in 1952 as a not-for-profit organization to facilitate various sectors of the ground water industry coming together for delivery of safe, clean water supplies throughout the province. Find out more about OGWA.

Provincially Licenced Water Well Technicians are members of Essential Services.


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In lieu of an OGWA Members' Convention, there will be a link to view a video shortly for a "State of the OGWA"  address.

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Many of our events have been affect by COVID-19. Please check  regularly for any updates.

2021 OGWA Annual Golf Tournament & Awards Fundraiser

Come out and enjoy the outdoors with a game of golf with your friends and peers while... More Details

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CEC Training

The OGWA provides annual Continuing Education Credits (CEC) training throughout Ontario, to keep your licence renewed. Find out more...

OGWA 2020-21 Member Directory

OGWA 2020-21 Member Directory