• Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (PGO) - PGO governs the practice of professional geoscience in Ontario and reports to the Minister of Northern Development and Mines.
  • Professional Engineers of Ontario - the licensing and regulating body for engineering in the province.
  • National Ground Water Association - U.S. and international groundwater professionals - contractors, scientists and engineers, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • Canadian Water Quality Association - representing the Canadian water quality improvement industry.
  • Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association - representing the onsite and decentralized wastewater industry in Ontario, including educators, regulators, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and other parties.
  • Hydrogeologists Without Borders - a Canadian non-profit organization, and registered charity, based in Calgary that focuses on linking the field of hydrogeology (study of groundwater) to the WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) sector of international program development.
  • Canadian National Ground Water Association – a Canadian non-profit consisting of members of the ground water industry from coast to coast to coast in Canada incorporated in October of 2019 to represent a united ground water industry advocating governments and industries to protect and improve the quality of ground water resources while preparing future generations in the industry through outreach, education, and accreditation.



  • - is a group of volunteers that trains, equips & supports the rural poor in Haiti & Africa to drill wells and build washrooms. Find out more.
  • Ontario Groundwater - Water Wells Map Created to provide easier access to Ontario's well data. Check out more information at the OGSR Library
  • Groundwater 2.0 Project (GW2.0) - is a living textbook facilitated through Hydrogeologists Without Borders which builds off of Alan Freeze and John Cherrys Groundwater (1979) textbook. GW2.0 will evolve to include new chapters and revisions to previous chapters. The goal of GW2.0 is to provide an Open Access textbook to ensure that both developed and developing countries have free access to an invaluable groundwater resource.
  • Well Water Testing - See links to well testing information, a service provided for testing at "My Water Quality" - an OGWA member, and links to OGWA member laboratories.



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